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Kitty Claws
I've got a story
That I am ready to share with you.
An angelic voice I knew was perfect.
And I knew I could trust you so well.
Oh honey I understood you
I was bleeding in my shell
Of a hermit crabs heart
And you pulled it off
You brought me out
Made me more outspoken logical,
And for that I thank you my precious little puppy dog.
And this heart I have
It was bleeding for you
But you fixed it
You denied me,
But that was what I needed.
I need to depend less on people and more on myself
People are the most unreliable things,
But there are a few I can trust my emotions with.
Because you're all wonderful.
While humans may be awful
And dogs not quite good for conversation,
Cats are worst for they scratch you for your admiration.
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I think I've found out
That I'm scared of being happy.
Every time
Things start
To go right
I have a problem so strong
and something
Ruins it all
Every joy
Followed by a tear.
A scream
A thrash.
A yell
A smash.
Why can't it be the same consistency?
I can't appreciate my joy.
Half the time I see my joy,
It's ruined!
But my ecstasy is fixed so soon,
By affection
Of someone I trusted so much.
In touch
With her is enough.
In touch with them is great.
Canada to Springfield wherever you roam
I know I have a friend with enough room
In their large heart for me to share my
Problems of licorice and lye,
For you're so wonderful to me,
And that gets me through my day.
I cannot decide
If I should steal
Another heart
Soon I can
Fall in love and try.
I forgot
What it really meant
To be happy
Without fearing what would break it down.
The chances I had
Shot down by my own fear.
Maybe I can bring them back
With another dear.
But I have no chance here
Can't even shed a tear
Cannot cry over things so petty
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Carpet Burns
I've got carpet burn on my knees
And my heart has so many scars,
But I know I can always roll up your sleeves,
And show you my jars.
To die here
Feel so many
But I know I tried too hard
Because I love you so much.
But I'm a bird
A lonely crow.
Black and orange feathers gleaming
Glowing with me.
And I saved you
What did I ever get in return?
Nothing, no you don't love me anymore.
:iconenygmaticharlequins:EnygmaticHarlequins 0 0
Remember me
I did pretend for
Far too long to be someone you wish I was.
But now I'm me
I am my own,
I am independent and ready
For my world.
I tear up thinking of
Old friends I forgot
Hope they still
Remember me.
But I know my love
Will always soar
Higher than any dove.
Over and over again my film plays
And to whom can I reply upon
When the dog days
Start to weigh on me?
Oh, honey, I've loved you so long.
A friend died,
Yes I know.
A friend abandoned,
Yes I know.
A father dead
A mother mad.
But so many I still have.
Lovely wolf akin Goddess,
And there is that lovely nut that I adore so much,
And the bird I see,
Flies with the spider's breath
And I can't forgive any of you
For not telling me you didn't forgive me
But that's
All a lie.
I love you.
Yes, I love you.
I love you
I love you so much.
Remember me,
As I do you.
:iconenygmaticharlequins:EnygmaticHarlequins 0 3
Where You Went Wrong
I try so hard to be perfect and good
I set my moods and I try to make sure
That you don't have a cure
For what perfection is.
I've been helping you like crazy,
And you've done crap for me
You abuse me with your words you cow
And I am kind of tired of it.
You know well where you went wrong
Where is my money?
I don't want you around me no more,
I have things I actually care about.
I can't wait until you die I'll dance
You have no idea how hard I'll cry
But I'll be happier all the same.
Listen here I'm done,
This was the last straw
I'm sick and tired of your crap
I'm sick and tired of YOU.
I want to leave but I don't have anywhere to go,
You offered it and that shocked me
That you hated me that much
That you want me that far out of your reach
Out of your touch
When in college I'll make sure not to call
It's not like you deserve it.
Go stab yourself
I'll never forgive you for this.
I ain't a female dog
I'm not a bad kid
Maybe you should realize what you say
ANd grow up
Because if I'm doing
:iconenygmaticharlequins:EnygmaticHarlequins 3 3
the PlanetS chapter one WRITTEN
She snarls out in agony as the odd, infected hand crawls in deeper inside of her stomach, remaining eye rolling into the back her head. It has eight pupils. Odd.
She felt the knife slit her throat and she awoke only to be tortured again. Such was the curse of her species, wiped out save for herself. She heard an odd skreeing noise and looked over, trembling. The antennas adopt her head twitched and crrked before digging into her skull. The first few times she had screamed but it seemed she'd gone mute after all of her tortures. Blood, coloured like rust, kept falling upon the floor as the tortures ensued, her lifespan seemingly endless. She didn't know how many more lives she had.
The woman runs over, her eye has five pupils and her hands are working on stopping the odd drones that have been commanded to torture this poor creature. She has curled, black hair and the eye shows her of a hierarchy the rusted blood want no part of. "What be it you ask of me, tainted one? I am to die here a
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the PlanetS chapter one by EnygmaticHarlequins the PlanetS chapter one :iconenygmaticharlequins:EnygmaticHarlequins 1 0
I'm all choked up
And I want to cry.
Curled up on the floor
And I'm ready to die.
If I can't save one life,
Was it to say I can end another's strife?
I am just a human and to say the least,
I may as well be a verbal beast.
Perhaps my bluffing lie,
Perhaps my heart is drained dry,
But I will try and try,
If only to keep you
:iconenygmaticharlequins:EnygmaticHarlequins 3 20
Emotionally Dislocated
I have a heavy heart
It's have a heavy cross to bear
I'm never going to forgive her.
With slaps there are crossed lines.
Heads kept under water to breathe
Oxygen they'll never find,
Not a dweller of the ocean's bed,
No sirens or mermaids can mend shattered thoughts
This mind is broken aside this bleeding heart.
This heart is marred and scarred
And while I forgave you all before this
I know I never will forget this
I forgive and forget usually
But there are times my chest constricts.
I promised myself I wouldn't cry,
But it seems I lie to even myself.
I'm sorry.
"I weigh you down far too much,
"I'm sorry I break you down,
I'm the original heart shatterer."
Love said this to me
As the slap drew the visible line across my face
I know what you are,
I always have and always will,
But now I truly see,
Growing up means realizing those you love
Are the ones you should hate.
My broken satellite,
I'm sorry,
I weigh you down.
But maybe you should realize,
I hate because of what you do.
:iconenygmaticharlequins:EnygmaticHarlequins 2 3
The PlanetS Prologue Written
    I am writing this not in red ink, but in my own blood. You can call me the Therapist of Suffering.
    "Now, small childe. You are awake yet asleep.
    Now, small childe.
    There are two castles
    One red
    One blue
    Which one
    Will you defend?
    Childe wake up!
    We need you…
    Save my family
    Save me"

Cassandra gasped and shot up in bed, her body trembling in fear from the vivid dream. It was so real. The screams the sobs the begs for mercy and help.
All of it so real.
Cassandra gave in and let herself cry.
Meanwhile, somewhere far far away
A woman stands, her dark hair curled and wavy along her face and shoulders and neck. She stand
:iconenygmaticharlequins:EnygmaticHarlequins 1 8
So They Asked
It was a bleeding afternoon, some might say if from British isles, but no one cared what they had to say, he realized as he sipped from his cup of tea. A sigh escaped him now as he watched all of these ignorant creatures rush about in a frenzy to either gawk or squeal.
Ah, but was he any better than them? So many ages ago he would've flocked about to cling to his master after a job well done of keeping everyone under control within the gates. But now this flocking disgusted him as much those cockroaches his brother collected so vehemently. If he had any faith left he probably would've gone to Hecate but that cursed creature just threw him aside.
Ah, Cryim, that sow, cursed from the moment she met Hercules, or anyone for that matter. His darling baby sister. Basically his childe in some standards, and the only one that would survive.
She was dead now, after so long of just suffering within a shell of herself, cursed to be diseased the moment she turned past a century. And she was gone,
:iconenygmaticharlequins:EnygmaticHarlequins 2 12
The Planets PROLOGUE by EnygmaticHarlequins The Planets PROLOGUE :iconenygmaticharlequins:EnygmaticHarlequins 0 5 So I'm Making A Webcomic... by EnygmaticHarlequins So I'm Making A Webcomic... :iconenygmaticharlequins:EnygmaticHarlequins 1 0
Rossiya Snegopad : Prologue :
It was their first winter in Russia. Their parents had a large argument and they decided to get separated for a bit.
Hachimenroppi(usually called Roppi by the family) and his twin Izaya looked out the window, fascinated by the snow, as the car drove. It wasn't as if they hadn't seen snow before, but their nannies rarely let them leave the house to see it this close.
Their mother liked Russian, and spoke it fluently. Sakuraya never spoke it and refused to learn it, Izaya and Roppi were learning.
Izaya laughed as he cheerfully clung to his mother's skirts. He loved his mother. Keiko simply waved him off and went to speak with her current lover. Izaya got the hint and skipped off to see his big brother. His twin got ill easily and it was best to let him sleep. He couldn't swallow pills so he got shots for his medication, or liquid medicines. Either way he would whine about it and cling to Izaya whom would cuddle him.
Izaya was a natural nurturer, he wasn't sure if it was because his tw
:iconenygmaticharlequins:EnygmaticHarlequins 1 9
I Wear My Heart On Many Sleeves
The opera in dark nights
With poetry in broken hearts
With a dying angel in
An epiphany where they realize
The world is as dark as they thought.
I hope that in the end
You realize that I was
Your friend and
If you're dying well that sucks but,
I will cry
Because I love you.
You're an earth angel
That has lost her wings
But that's okay.
Because I am here
And always will be
For you.
Don't blame me
Blame everyone else if you want,
But don't blame me,
Because if you do
My heart would shatter.
:iconenygmaticharlequins:EnygmaticHarlequins 0 4
poem for the dying
If you love someone you want to protect
You should know.
If you love someone about to kill themselves,
Don't worry I understand that feeling.
I'm curled up on the floor sobbing at the
Thought of her not breathing
And she's hurting herself again.
I don't like the thought
Of her bleeding or dead at all
It hurts a lot
And breaks me to pieces.
If there is anything I can do for her,
I'll do it now.
:iconenygmaticharlequins:EnygmaticHarlequins 2 1
    This is my gallery, here you will find fanarts, fanfictions, poems, original stories, made up nation-tans, homosexuality, bisexuality, a few stamps here and there, heterosexuality and a few photos.
    Thou hath been warned!


    I figure I should warn you.
    There is yaoi/shounen-ai in here.
    There is yuri/shoujo-ai in here.
    There is het/hetero-ai in here.
    There is some forms of, slightly incest odd couples in here.
    Look through here at your own risk.


The story in the author's description is very nice, it intrigues the person reading it. This is a wonderful picture, I cannot find anyt...

I must say, this is a very well done photo(And the title intrigued me for the sole fact I have a black rose in my room. :XD:), it is very ...

This happens to make me think of a girl who was betrayed by her one true love and feels far too betrayed to think anything, her dreams ...


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